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Tutorial No.9 - Adjustable Fabric Book Cover D.I.Y. - Guest Post by DIYfish

Hello from Fish. So glad that I am able to write my Philofaxy All Star Tour 2013 Guest Post for My Purpley Life. Thank you Jennifer. Let me introduce myself. I am a proud mother of two boys. I love my family so much and I like DIY, personalization, Filofax, stickers, stationery. I've just started my blog "DIYfish" early this year to share my tutorials, binder insert designs and other creations.
Today's tutorial from DIYfish - How to make an Adjustable Fabric Book Cover.

Before we start, please make sure that you have enough fabric to cover your book. You will need 2 big fabrics.
  •  Step1 - Measure your book. W=width; H=height; T=thickness.
  • Step2 – Trim your fabrics into these sizes~
  •  Step3 – Make a Strip from fabric C & D
    •  Mark the back side of Fabric C with chalk or pencil
    •  Put Fabric C & D face to face (front side of Fabric C face to front side of Fabric D). Using a straight stitch to sew the two longer sides together. Then turn the strip inside out.
  • Step 4
    • Mark the FRONT side of Fabric A with chalk or pencil
    •  Mark the BACK side of Fabric B with chalk or pencil
  • Step5
    •  Put Fabric A on table top, front side face up
    •  Put the Strip on Fabric A, align to the mark

    • Put Fabric B on top, back side face up. Use 2 pins to pin all fabrics together. Using a straight stitch to sew the right hand side together.
    • Fold the right side in along the RED folding line
  •  Step6 – Sew the 2 longer sides together
  •  Step7 – Now let’s turn the cover inside out
  •   Step8 – Sew the gap, iron the cover and it’s done!
 This Adjustable Book Cover can fit the books with different thickness. Enjoy!
Thank you, DIYfish for doing this Tutorial!


  1. Have been searching for this! Thanks so much~

  2. There's something wrong with the measurement system, it turned out too small for my book :/

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Just reading the instructions is confusing and pictures are cloudy. I would not even attempt. There are much better tutorials out there!!


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