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Last Post: My Filofax Week #52

This will be my last "my week" blog post 2013. If you have been following me for a while, then you will know that this year, I have been going through some personal issues. Being unemployed for the past 9 months has been really depressing for me. This month in particular has been the worst I haven't ever felt in my life, this nonstop feeling of being rushed. I have found myself caught in the grip of mental stresses of doubt, expectations, social comparison, anger, disappointment, blame, resentment, and fear. I loved making videos for you all. Creating my blog, and YouTube was meant to help relieve my stress, but even that has now been overwhelmed for me. I don't think it is fair for all my followers that I was being inconsistent, which I felt I was. I wasn't following my scheduling, and wasn't posting as much as I wanted to. I was feeling this way for a while now, but I wanted to finish 2013. I have much bigger problems that I need to face and put more atten…

My Review Monday: Violet Temperley

First introduced in 2012

"Vintage glamour with everyday functionality, Violet is an organiser/purse crafted in Italian calf leather with luxurious crocodile print. The Violet encapsulates the gorgeous femininity of Temperley London. With elegantly detailed ice gold coloured Temperley clasp and with a purse inspired design." - Filofax UK

Sizes: Pocket, Compact Color/s:  (1) Violet Material: 
Material Exterior: Italian calf leather with croc print and hand finished two tone colour Material Interior: combination of external leather + lightly corded black polyester lining Ring Sizes: 15mm

Design Features:

*Designed by Alice Temperley - a British fashion designer
Left Hand Details: one full height pocket, two leather covered card pockets with gold printed logo Right Hand Details: ice gold metal ring mechanism, elasticated pen loop, full height expandable coin pocket with leather closure Diary Type: week on one page 12 month diary Features: ice gold metal Temperley London stud popper…

My Filofax Week #51

This week I tried to really enjoy my family time. Sometimes doing these things makes me feel like I'm going on a mini vacation. On Wednesday, we went to watch "Disney on Ice - Rockin' Ever After" at the Honda Center, in Anaheim, CA. My oldest daughter has a very long winter break, since last Thanksgiving November 22 until Jan. 13, 2014. So, it can be very difficult at times to keep her entertained. The last time I saw Disney on Ice was ages ago, probably when I was around her age. It was nice to see it again, but this time as a parent. It was also very gracious for my mother -in-law to purchase the tickets so that we could all go as a family. We also had been given tickets to the Disneyland Theme Park. It was a great day to go. Skies were clear due to the rainfall from the day before. Weather was nice, a bit chilly, but still sunny and bright. I love Disneyland in the Winter time, when all the holiday decorations are up. Everything looks like it's covered in snow…

Washi Wednesday #5 - Washi Tape Light Switch

While browsing the photos on my friend, Kristal's, Instagram, I saw a picture that I knew would be perfect to share for this Washi Wednesday. It was perfect timing as I had just painted my craft room walls purple. So, why not at a craft touch by adding washi tape to my light switch plates. It's a great way to add some color to those boring white switch plates, also you can do this to match the decor in your room.

What you'll need:
Lights witch plate Rubbing alcoholCotton ballWashi tapesCraft knifeScissors  Optional: 
Mod Podge Glue, SatinFoam Brush Directions:

Start off by removing the desired light switch plate from the wall by unscrewing the screws used to hold it in place. Then, clean off any residue on the light swtich plate by applying some rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and rubbing off any dirt or oils that may be on it.

Next, place a strip of washi tape starting on one corner, and laying it across the switch plate at an angle. Continue to line up strips of washi…

My Filofax Week #50

Another hectic week. I have really been feeling the pressure this week trying to fix my job situation. Unfortunately my unemployment benefits have run out, so my husband and I have really been stressed out lately. Even more so with Christmas just around the corner. I'm trying to stay positive and just believe that things will come around for us. I am just hoping it is sooner rather than later.  On a lighter note, I am getting very excited prepping for this Filofax event coming up in January. I can't wait to meet more people in the Filofax community, being able to put faces to names, as well as seeing others I have met before. Also, hoping to get the chance to get people into the planner community.  I am so happy to see the response the event has gotten this past week.  I have also been practicing one of my other favorite hobbies, Calligraphy. I am hoping that once I feel more confident, I can possibly give you more information on how to get started, as many of you have expres…

My Craft Room Tour 2013

Last month I decided to do some re-arranging/ re-decorating in my office space.  I was unhappy with the way my desk was facing because when I would film videos, my back was towards the light, so I wanted to get better lighting with my photos and video. I also was annoyed with having the computer in my crafting space. I first thought about getting another desk to attach to the existing Ikea Expedit unit. I really can't afford to buy another desk, so I had to think of another solution. 
Let's see how this room has evolved through the years. Here is what the room looked like when the house was being built back in 2009. 
Here is how it was set up when we moved in!

The next year, I moved the desk and made it more "purpley" by changing all my binders to purple and adding some purple cardstock behind the bins of my Expedit unit. Then, the year after that, I decided that I wanted to move the desk again because my chair kept hitting the side of the other desk. So, I mo…