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My Craft Room Tour 2013

 Last month I decided to do some re-arranging/ re-decorating in my office space. 
I was unhappy with the way my desk was facing because when I would film videos, my back was towards the light, so I wanted to get better lighting with my photos and video. I also was annoyed with having the computer in my crafting space. I first thought about getting another desk to attach to the existing Ikea Expedit unit. I really can't afford to buy another desk, so I had to think of another solution. 

Let's see how this room has evolved through the years.
 Here is what the room looked like when the house was being built back in 2009. 

Here is how it was set up when we moved in!

The next year, I moved the desk and made it more "purpley" by changing all my binders to purple and adding some purple cardstock behind the bins of my Expedit unit.
Then, the year after that, I decided that I wanted to move the desk again because my chair kept hitting the side of the other desk. So, I moved the desk back side by side with the other desk.

Now, here is a part of the mess I made. 

 Now, here is the the finished room. This is what it looks like as you enter the room.

My Filofax Collection is overflowing into a third cubby now! I used to barely fill one!

 My crafty area

Now if that wasn't enough change...
I decided to make another dramatic change to one wall. 

I think this should do it for now.

Here are some of the items mentioned:
IKEA Hemnes Glass Door Cabinet
IKEA Expedit Shelving Unit 4x4 White
IKEA Lekman Box
ITSO Storage Cubes
ITSO Fabric Storage Bins
Sterilite Latching Boxes - Plum
Sterilite Clip Boxes - Green

Watch my room tour here:


  1. OMG!
    That's so beautiful, I'd love to have it ^_^
    Kisses from Rome

  2. That's a beautiful crafty room.
    Well Done =)

    Kisses from Wuppertal

  3. Looks good!! My craft room is also purple with white furniture. :-)

  4. Hi there Jenn
    The craft room looks terrific great layout. I liked your review in You Tube of the hole punches. The Rapesco I think it's great for the personal size Filofax. Can you tell me the name of the single hole punch and where did you buy it Many thanks in advance. Tony


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