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My Filofax Story

I am very honored that Filofax has chosen me to be their very first post for the 2014 new year with My Filofax Story.

Read my story now on their website here: Filofax UK - Blog

Thank you! 


  1. Jennifer, hello! I have been following your blog since I came across it in Angela's PaperLoveStory blog. I love the way you decorate your Filofax. It has inspired me to get one (already did) and to get to decorating. Thanks sooooo much for the inspiration you put into yours. I will try to be as creative. I wanted to ask something...

    On a video you posted on showed your stickers..they were hearts but see thru...where can I find some?

  2. Congrats Jennifer! Great job!

    Also, I was watching your YouTube video when you shared that you got a new job! Congratulations! I was so hoping you would find something! You've really been an inspiration for a lot of people, including myself and we all want the very best for you! Stay awesome!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, Jennifer........not only on the Filofax website feature but also on the new job! ~Melissa


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