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My 2014 Monthly Calendar Set Up in my Filofax

When using my Filofax Personal Organiser, I use a monthly calender in conjuction with a weekly calendar.
I find it easy to see an overview of what events I need to keep in mind within that month as well as give me a place where I can plan things months, days, or weeks ahead of time instead of scrambling through my weekly pages. Seeing an overview of the month gives me a way to visualize if it is going to be a hectic month so that I can prepare myself mentally.

These inserts are templates created by Susan Conder. They are available on her blog: It is available only in A5  size. I added in the dates, days, and month myself.
 I loved this layout due to the big boxes which allows me to add some stickers and write in multiple events. I also like the how the side has a notes box which doesn't impede on the space for the calendar. I've added some cute owl calendar stickers on the right hand side to give me a quick view to the month previous and the month ahead.

I use a color coding system. I don't necessarily use washi tape to color code, but it is great when I have to use it for events that are more than a couple days long. As you can see along the bottom of the page, I used a strip of pink, which signifies my oldest daughter, she will be going on spring break, so I used washi tape to mark those days. Cathy Vee has a great system she uses with washi tape on her blog: I needed some sort of reminder of what colors I use for my color coding. So, I made a page marker out of cardstock, and used washi tape as my color guide. I hole punched it and added some colorful hole reinforcement and cut slits so that it is easily removable when I need it to be.

The tools I use for color coding are:

Pilot FrXion Erasable Pens - 0.5mm which I love to use because of the ability to erase things as they change.
If you do not want to use erasable pens you can also use Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Pens which come in
0.3, 0.4 and .05 mm points. Since it is a multi pen, you can carry around multiple colors without carrying many pens. These also come in a 5, 4, or 3 barrel size. 
Available at 

I also highlight the days that need attention by simply drawing the box with the coordinating color using markers such as:
these Pilot FriXion Erasable Markers, again it gives me the ability to erase if needed be. 

Non erasable options which offer a wide array of colors are:
Stabilo Point 88 fineliner markers 0.4mm
Staedtler Triplus Fineliners 0.3mm
Pentel Arts Color Pen - Fine Point Color Markers 

Some other options of color coding I love using are transparent colored stickers:
You have the ability to customize them with whatever you choose. I labeled things like trash day, no school, birthday, dentist, doctor, etc.  
are also great for color coding. I like to use the words from the Studio l2e "List It" Stamp Set
or the Studio l2e "Plan It" Stamp Set and stamp it onto the labels. 
Transparent stickers can be found at and Daiso Stores.
Many others can be found on and on eBay by searching "Transparent Diary Sticker" or "diary sticker calendar"

Watch how I set it up here if you haven't done so already!


  1. I love the simplicity of this calendar setup. I haven't decided how to use my monthly calendar yet but this seems very logical. I think I would like to see an overview of the entire month so my weeks are so complex. Thanks!

  2. It looks so simple and neat! Love how you've gave a couple of boxes borders.

  3. Love your colour coding and set up - it's inspired me to set up my colour coding system.. I've been meaning to do it for a while now.

  4. I can't wait to get myself into the beauty of planning next year

  5. Awesomest calendar ever! Puts my makeshift planner (which is actually a composition book) to shame!

  6. Only just found your blog and am really enjoying reading your posts! I love planners/Filofaxes and have just started to decorate mine, previously I have only used them for work purposes. Thanks for sharing how you set your up. Love the cute owl calendar you mind me asking where you got them from? I have just started to blog about my Filofax, I have blogged for a while, recently started a new one with a variety of subjects! Hoping to expand on this further! You and the rest of the planner community are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!x

  7. Avery also makes the same labels in a removable one


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