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My Review: Morning Glory Pocket Color Pen - Twin Type

I posted this photos recently on my Instagram and have gotten some interest for the pen I used in these photographs. I thought I would share my thoughts on this pen for those of you who are unfamiliar with it.

I purchased these pens from Morning Glory. There are some Morning Glory stores all over Southern California which carries these pens. It is also available on their online store: Morning Glory / Online Store.

The specific pens I am reviewing are the Pocket Color Pen - Twin Type. It has water soluble ink. It can also double as a highlighter. This pen needs to have its cap closed after use or it will dry out quickly. Directions state to listen carefully  for the "Click" sound when you close the cap. One side of the nib is a  fine line (Pen Type: 0.3-0.4mm) and other side nib is a  thick line (Highlighter Type: 3.0mm).

 There are eighteen (18) different colors! Colors are:
01. Red,
02. Pink,
03. Cherry Pink,
04. Lovely Pink,
05. Rose Pink,
06. Peach Pink,
07. Coco Beige, *(shown in photo)
08. Gold Yellow,
09. Yellow,
10. Lime Yellow,
11. Melon Green, *(shown in photo)
12. Emerald Green, *(shown in photo)
13. Aqua Blue, *(shown in photo)
14. Blue,
15. Ocean Blue,
16. French Blue,
17. Lilac,
18. Black *(shown in photo)

This pen also available without the thick nib : Pocket Color Pen - Single Type. 

Here is my test on Filofax paper:

First was Filofax Cotton Cream paper

Next, was Filofax White paper 

I also, tested them on Piaric inserts which are 28 lb or 100 (g/m²).

 Overall impressions: I think these pens are great. The fine point is more like a fineliner marker than a pen. Main reasons why I wanted to try these out were because of their colors, I don't know of any other maker/pen with the colors I chose. I love that it can double as a highlighter. I have tried the Lilac, Aqua, and Coco Beige as a highlighter on Filofax Graph /Quadrille white paper and saw very minimal shadowing. I will do a separate post on highlighters soon. There are no problems fitting into pen loops. 
I would definitely recommend trying these pens out.


  1. I love that purple filofax! I have a red A5 Metropol (red being my second fave colour) , I am really wanting a Personal sized purple one as well. The set up looks great too. I love your blog!

  2. You should check out Bic Mark-It! They have the gamut of tip sizes and if you like fine tip - they have 3 dozen ultra-fine tip markers from neutrals to jewel tones to pastels - and probably easier to find (I got my set at Staples).


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