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Month in Review - February 2014

I did a couple videos last month with regards to my planning system. If you are new to my blog, you will find weekly posts on how I used to decorate my planner pages. This year, I have been focusing more on how I actually use my planner. There has been some confusion as to how can I possibly plan on pages that are so heavily decorated with stickers, washi tape, different colour pens, different types of pens and stamps, and other things. I want to focus on how it is possible use an orgainser in a creative yet functional and effective manner.

If you haven't checked those videos out, please do so here:

and here:

 Last month, I used my Mint Green kikki - K Medium Time Planner which is now a discontinued model, as my every day carry (EDC). I used The Original A5 Patent Purple Filofax as my Home Management planner. I also used the Black Slimline Holborn Filofax as my wallet, which has been working out really well for me.

I continued to use the inserts which I printed out myself from Philofaxy. I also started using inserts from Kanani, the owner and creator of Studiol2e created this day per page (DPP) diary layout printable with is available for free on her website. What I loved about these inserts was that the To Do section has been sized so you can use the checkboxes from the List It and/or Plan It stamp sets as well as the individual sentiments. These inserts are available for Personal size Filofax planners only. She also included some inserts without the day of the week at the top so you can use it for any day and even use it as an insert between your Week on 2 Pages as I have done in the photos below. 
 Week 6

 Week 7
 Week 8 ---> into March

I have also been using these pages from  for my week on two pages. This is a free trial printable of the Passion Planner, which I resized to fit into my A5 Filofax as shown above. I basically set my printer to print in A5 size paper which I had already cut down from Letter size paper. I set the margins accordingly so that I would have space on the sides for the holes of the rings.

Content Features for the FREE version

  • weekly appointment calendars that run from January 2014 - December 2014
  • two prioritized to-do lists (one for personal and one for work)
  • designated section for daily focus goals
  • a weekly "good things that happened" log
  • blank space to tailor the journal to your needs (draw, journal, take notes, etc.) 

For March, I plan on sticking to these pages for my weekly planning instead of the Personal size printables I made from Philofaxy. I will be using Joy Kanani's Day Per Page layout in my Personal sized organiser. Here is a preview of my set-up for March which will include colors of Mint Green, Coral, Peach, and Navy Blue.

Hope you all have a fantastic month ahead!


  1. I love to see how you decorate your pages, although my days are nowhere near as busy as yours (sadly!), I tend to leave the majority of decorating, minus washi taping, until the middle of the week because if I suddenly do have a hectic day, I end up having to peel off teacups and teddy bears or something! It's amazing just the volume of supplies you have, you can have so many different themes for your week, which I really like, I need more stationery in my life!
    Your videos are great too! x

  2. I love the font you used in week 6! What is the name of that font?

  3. What type and weight paper do you use to print your pages?

  4. I have a kikki.K planner as well, You can see it in my blog. I love this planner. Thank you for all your inspiration.

  5. I miss you..where did you go.

  6. I am new to Filofax and your blog. And I love your blog so much, I am a purple lover too.
    May I know is there a duplicate in your personal and A5 Filofaxes?

    1. Hi Esther. I'm glad you enjoy my blog. There is not an exact duplicate. I refer to my monthly pages when planning out my week if that makes sense. I do write events and appointments in my monthly, and then transfer those to my weekly. Writing it in my weekly as well as my monthly helps me to remember it. That's just me. It may be different for someone else.

  7. I'm not sure if you'll see this at this point - but I really want to print the Passion Planner pages for my A5 filofax but I can't figure out how to add the margin for the punches - please tell me - how did you do it???

  8. I got the exact same problem as Lexie B. I really hope you can tell us how you did it! That would be so helpful! Thanks in advance <3

  9. I'll chime in with previous posts. How do you set up margins for the hole punches?

  10. I cannot seem to find the blog that has the monthly pages mentioned in your video. Can you help??

  11. Hi, i got the A5 pdf passion planner but when i tried to print it it doesn't get right, the pages come out disorganized. What am I doing wrong?


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