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My Review Monday: Charleston Filofax

First introduced in August 2013

"Luxurious buffalo leather with a rich varied grain, elegantly styled on a 1920s heritage look."
-Filofax UK 

Filofax Purple Compact Charleston
Sizes: Pocket, Compact, A5
Color/s:  (3) Purple, Red, Brown
Material Exterior: full grain aniline finish buffalo leather
Material Interior: exterior leather and polyester lightly corded lining - colour matched to leather
Ring Sizes: 
Pocket:  15mm
Compact: 15mm
A5:  25mm

 Design Features:

Left Hand Details: six card pockets, one vertical slip pocket
Right Hand Details: two pockets, one vertical slip pocket
Diary Type: week on two pages English 12 month diary - cotton cream
Features: please note: due to the unique nature of buffalo leather, the grain will vary from piece to piece - please see the image showing the variance.
Closure Detail: round leather strap with small gold stud popper closure
Pen Loop: one colour matched elastic pen loop

The Charleston range from Filofax is inspired by the glamour of the Great Gatsby era and the Roaring 20's.
You can imagine how excited I am when Filofax releases purple colored organisers. When this organiser was first released, I was under the impression that the entire ring mechanism would be in gold. Another thing that I was not to fond of, was the interior having that polyester lining which I think took away from the luxurious feel to the organiser. I think it would have been better if it had the leather all throughout. When I first saw the organiser in hand, I was also surprised by the color. The color of the purple appears very dark, and unless in sunlight, you may not recognize the color of it. It does come across as dark blue, dark grey, or even black. 
I do like the interior layout. It has a good amount of card slots which holds six cards in front, and two in the back. Since I use this as a wallet, I am able to hold a total of 8 credit card holders. In total, I carry over 48 cards as well as some cash. There is no pocket for change/coins. You can certainly fit a zipped pocket envelope and carry it that way if you don't carry as many cards as I do.
This model is has a very similar characteristics of the Calipso and Holborn ranges. Just like the Malden range, the leather of the Charleston will vary between different organisers.
Although it has an elastic pen loop, I feel that it is necessary to carry a slim pen, due to the short strap.
I do enjoy using this organiser as a wallet. This organiser is still available on the Filofax UK website

Read more on this organiser here: Philofaxy: Filofax Press Release 2013 - Charleston

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  1. My husband and daughter gave me a purple A5 Charleston for my birthday, last week. I have to admit, I've been stroking it at intervals! It's lovely! It is very dark though; I thought it was black when I first unwrapped it and had to hide my disappointment, as I don't care for black Filofaxes. But in the light, it's a lovely rich colour and a super binder!

  2. I finally got a purple filofax the other week- a personal malden! Would love it if you came and took a look at my setup!

  3. I don't have a filofax yet, but this one is so beautiful that I may take the plunge. Would you recommend this one as a planner AND a wallet, or just one or the other? Do you think there are other filofaxes that would do a much better job? Thanks!

  4. I recently found one of these in Brown on eBay, I'm so excited to set it up. thanks for the review!


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