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My Review: Pilot Juice Gel Ink Pens

I finally had the chance to try out these pens courtesy of JetPens back at the beginning of the year and I couldn't wait to grab more colors. The colors I now have are:
  • 0.5mm Gray
  • 0.7mm Coral Pink
  • 0.5mm Pastel Green
  • 0.5mm Turquiose Green
  • 0.5mm Grape
  • 0.5mm Pastel Violet 
I was interested in this pen when a follower of mine asked if I knew any affordable pens that had grey ink. Of course, I hopped onto JetPens to see what I could find. After getting my hands on these Pilot Juice gel ink pens, I immediately felt a similar writing experience with the Pilot Frixion pen. Of course, they are both made by Pilot. Even the tips of the pen are similar. I tried both the 0.5mm and 0.7mm in the Pilot Juice and Pilot Frixion which I felt wrote the same. The only difference is aesthetics and the fact that one is erasable (Pilot Frixion) while the other is not.

This is both pens in the 0.7mm point. As you can see below, the tips are practically identical.
Above you will see the swatches of ink which I tested on Filofax white paper. There appears to be some minimal shadowing/ghosting of the ink on the back side of the paper, but no actual bleed through of the ink. This is because the ink of the pen is pigment-based ink, which means that it is water-resistant and fade-resistant. This is good if you are looking for a pen that has "Archival Quality". This is another reason why I recommend this pen. It has been reported that those who have used the Pilot Frixion pens have experienced their writing to disappear if left in someplace hot such as a hot vehicle. This is due to the thermo sensitive nature of the Pilot Frixion ink.

Interestingly enough, the ink in these pens will actually reappear when the temperature reaches below – 10 C (under 14 Fahrenheit). A freezer is sufficiently cold enough to make the ink start to reappear. (-JetPens)

If you love how the Pilot Frixion pens write, the Pilot Juice pens are a great alternative. These pens write smoothly and have a large variety of colors - 36 to be exact! These pens are very affordable at $1.65 (USD) from JetPens. They are also available in a bundle set of 6, 12, 24, or 36. These pens come in three different sizes, from 0.38mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm.

It was a bit difficult seeing the Pastel colors on regular paper, so above you can see how the ink writes on Black colored paper and Kraft paper. 


Check out my video review here:

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with JetPens. All content, ideas, and words are 100% my own, unless otherwise stated. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that allow me to showcase these wonderful products.