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Studio Calico - Agenda (Enroll Now)

Just a reminder that today is the last day to sign up for this wonderful class at Studio Calico - Agenda which will be taught by amazing Marcy Penner. Did I mention, I will be a contributor, along with fellow planner experts Ashley Goldberg, Beth Lor, Candi Billman, Cathy VeeSarah Alberto. 

Here is a little more about the class:  

In Agenda, Marcy Penner will teach you how to master your planner and provide you with the necessary tools to structure your day, all while making it cute. The Filo-craze is sweeping the nation and you won’t want to miss out! why live another day with the stress of prioritization and figuring out what to do next?

Agenda is enrolling now through September 30th at 11:59pm EST. Class will start on October 1st. 
Hope to see you there!!! 

Planner Decorating Essentials - STICKERS & WASHI TAPE

It has been highly requested that I share my decorating essentials for my planner. Although decorating in your planner is not essential to keep yourself organized, these are mainly products that I believe will help many your planner look more pleasing to the eye and create it into something motivational yet very useful. My intention is not that decorating is a must, but demonstrate that you can use your organiser in a creative yet functional and effective manner. 

This week I will highlight my favorite products for: 


There are many types of different stickers that I use to for in my planner, some for organization and some for fun. When I want to mark things/events that are reoccurring, bills, appointments, activites I like to create my own stickers. 

I also like using stickers for color coding. Transparent colored stickers are great for this. Using a transparent colored circle over a date can remind me that something important is on that particular day. 

For fun, I love to…