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Studio Calico - Agenda (Enroll Now)

Just a reminder that today is the last day to sign up for this wonderful class at Studio Calico - Agenda which will be taught by amazing Marcy Penner. Did I mention, I will be a contributor, along with fellow planner experts Ashley Goldberg, Beth Lor, Candi Billman, Cathy VeeSarah Alberto. 

Here is a little more about the class:  

In Agenda, Marcy Penner will teach you how to master your planner and provide you with the necessary tools to structure your day, all while making it cute. The Filo-craze is sweeping the nation and you won’t want to miss out! why live another day with the stress of prioritization and figuring out what to do next?

Hope to see you there!!! 


  1. Oh no!!! This sounds like such a great class but I just got the email today and it's too late to sign up for it.

  2. Same here! Just saw the signups! =/

  3. I'm sad too. I've just been researching filofax stuff and wish I would have seen this in time. I am loving your site and creativity.


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