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Month in Review - October 2014

Here is a look at my decorated pages for the month of October.

 Week 40 Theme: kikki.K Lilac and Gold Diamonds
Colors: Lilac, Gold, and Mint Green
 Week 41 Theme: Sanrio - Little Twin Stars
Colors: Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue/Green, Lavender, Pastel Yellow
 Week 42 Theme: Fall/ Autumn - Version 1
Colors: Steel Gray, Navy Blue, Cypress Green

 Week 43 Theme: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Colors: Pink
Week 44 Theme: Holiday - Halloween
Colors: Cognac, Mauve, Grape


  1. Love your pages! They are pretty and functional at the same time :-)

  2. Hi Jennifer! Thank you for sharing your lovely designs. I have been a Filofax fan for a number of years now but have never really decorated mine. I will be stocking up on supplies to start decorating soon! Your posts have really inspired me and giving me lots of ideas! Thank you!

    Kristina Suzanne x

  3. Hi Jennifer.
    I am a new follower.
    I love your page layouts.
    I am so jealous you have a Daiso near you!
    We have a FIT store in downtown Houston, but I think you may have more kawaii stuff at Daiso.;0)
    Thanks for sharing:0)

  4. gosh, your handwriting! so beautiful!


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