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Month in Review - November 2014

 Here is a look at my decorated pages for the month of November. 
 Week 45 Theme: Stripes
Colors: Grape, Orange, Pink
I was very sick this week, and really didn't have the energy to decorate or use my planner at all.

Week 46 Theme: Fall/ Autumn Theme - Version 1
Colors: Olive Green, Pastel Purple, Orange, Pink
 Week 47 Theme: Fall/ Autumn Theme - Version 2
Colors: Golden Yellow, Aqua, Dark Brown, Teal Green

These next couple of weeks, I was in my Jen-dori by Chic Sparrow Wide Traveler's Notebook. 
 Week 48 Theme: Fall/ Autumn Theme - Thanksgiving Day (US)
Colors: Pumpkin Orange, Turkey Brown, Leafy Green

Watch this video of how I created these pages here:


  1. I especially love your Thanksgiving theme!! :) I'm inspired by your work!
    Lexi the paper craft noob

  2. I just LOVE how you do up your pages. I just got a Filo for Christmas and can't wait to get started!

  3. Your filo isn't purple? I wasn't sure if my computer is just playing tricks on my eyes.


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