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Recap - Southern California Planner Meet Up - March 21, 2015

On Saturday, March 21, I hosted a Planner Meet up with my planner comrade, Florence. You may know her as LiveLifeandCreate or you may watch her videos on YouTube!

Florence, Me, and Ezra

This time around, I wanted to host it a little closer towards San Diego, as requested by my followers.  The Scrapbook Expo was also going on at Anaheim, CA that day. So, it seemed like a great idea to have it around that area.

First, I met with Florence at the Scrapbook Expo. Here are some of the wonderful goodies we found! 

 Washi Tape from Queen & Co.

 I would love to washi tape my desk like this! 

 Beautiful cards and crafts from Sherri Baldy

 Little B Products! 

 I love seeing such great creativity! 

Then, we headed off to Costa Mesa, at SOCO. We met inside the The OC Mix. It turned out to be a really nice venue. If you have never been there before, it is a nice outdoor marketplace filled with shops and restaurants, and lots of great seating indoors and out! We found a nice seating area with couches and a table. We each brought our planners with us. I brought with me several, which I normally do, just in case people are interested in seeing rare planners, or planners they're never seen before.

It is tradition of these meet ups to make a Planner Tower, but since we had so many planners, we just did a planner pile up! 
Top row (Left to Right): Cesar Hernandez, Claudia Hernandez, Edith Levandoski, Tracy Segotta, Nicky Stade, Jacqueline
Bottom row (Left to Right): Florence Antonette Ridad, Jennifer Reyes (me), Ezra Hernandez, Karen Massie 

 Cesar and Claudia Hernandez created a Facebook Group called California Planner Addicts.
This group is created for anyone who loves their planners & organizers. Filofax, Martha Stewart, Franklin Covey, Erin Condren and everything in between who live in California. 

If you are interested in other planner meet ups in California, they are usually announced in that group.

Lastly, a few of us went shopping at Kinokuniya Bookstore which is located in the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa. This Japanese bookstore is filled with books and tons of stationer/ office supplies, including Midori Travelers Notebooks, other types of notebooks, stamps, stickers, Pilot Hi Tec C Coleto pens, and any other types of pens and markers (as you can see in the background).  

It was great meeting new faces this time around. The planner community on social media has grown tremendously, and to connect with people in person, putting faces to names, is a great experience. It honestly feels like catching up with old friends. Thank you everyone who attended this meet up. Thank you to Florence for hosting it with me and for sharing your birthday with us! Until next time!