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Crafty Planner Girl Social - May 15, 2016

I love being able to bring the #plannercommunity together. It is such an amazing feeling to be with people who share the same love for something. So happy to see people who I haven't seen before, thank you for being brave and joining us for your first planner meet up! It's such a joy to welcome you and have you be a part of this community. I loved reconnecting with familiar faces. We all know each other through social media, but when we get to hang out in person, it's like connecting with an old friend and that is why I love these meet ups.

No planner event is complete without doing this tradition - Planner Stack/ Planner Tower

A huge thank you to co-hosts, Florence @livelifeandcreate and Vienna @viennaortiz - my tag team partners! This event wouldn't have been possible without your time and dedication. Always a pleasure to host with you! I love you guys so much!

Thank you to Hearts-n-Crafts, etc for having us crazy planner people party in your store! We look forward to having more events with you again soon.

Mimosas, tons of food, swag bags, trash to treasure table, decoration station.

To all our contributors, thank you for all the generous donations for our swag bags, giveaways, prizes, and the support you have given us to have a successful event.
Thank you to everyone who attended. We hope that you enjoyed yourselves and please let us know if you loved this event and all the goodies you received. We hope to continue to have more in the future!

A special thanks to Stephanie Flemming, Owner/Creative Director at me & my BIG ideas
for joining us and also providing a fabulous giveaway prize!

If you missed this one, make sure to follow @mypurpleylife, @viennaortiz and @livelifeandcreate 
as well as Facebook planner groups for updates on our next events.

For more photos of the fun everyone had, check out the hashtag #craftyplannergirlsocial on Instagram.


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