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Brush Lettering Class with Amy Tangerine

Hi friends! My incredibly talented friend, Amy Tangerine, is launching an all new online Brush Lettering Class!  Amy is one of my favorite scrapbookers and designers, and over the past year she’s been doing these amazing Monday Motivational quotes on Instagram, each one hand scripted.  I’ve asked her more than a few times how she’s developed such a unique style as I’d love to do more brush scripting in my my own projects.  She’d had a ton of fans asking for her to share her tips and techniques and she’s finally made a class, I thought you would be just as interested as I am in checking it out.

The three part class features tons of exclusive content, check out the cute video she put together here.

A Modern Take on Brush Lettering

You may already know that Amy and Jamie have been working together on online classes for the past two years, with nearly 9,000 students having registered already!

With this new class Amy will help you find your own personal Brush Lettering Style Using the Techniques she’s spent years developing.  She also shares her favorite products, great warm up exercises to build muscle memory, how she does each letter of the alphabet, and walks students through a few all new scripted pages.

It’s a self paced class, but sign up now as they’ll be following along with the first wave of students, doing Q&A’s and inviting you to join their private Facebook group to share your work and ask questions.  Learn more and hear Amy and Jamie talk about the class here:

 I hope to see you in class!


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