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Colorful Ways to Keep Up with a Planner

When it comes to using a planner, I love using lots of color. Whether it be by color coding specific items or color coordinating with my designed planner pages. In this example, I used Multi-Use Labels #5428 and the Avery Design & Print Online software which is a free program directly on their website. Get started just by typing in the product number you are using. I also started with a blank template. Then, in the "Shapes" tab, I clicked on the "More" button and chose the box/ square shape. Next, I resized the shape to fit around the entire label. In the "Shapes" tab, you will see a section that says Formatting. Here you can adjust the line color to your desire. As you can see in the photo below, there are many colors to choose from. You can also adjust the thickness of the line. I like to have mine set at 2. Then, choose the color of the Fill. I chose a shade or two lighter from the line color. 

You can also have the option of no Fill, as seen below. Make sure to set up a MyAvery account and save your work so that when you need them again, you can simply open your saved project and re-print as many as you need. You can take this a step further and add text and upload your own images or artwork, or choose from a variety of designs within Avery Design & Print to make your planning more efficient if you decide you do not want to write on the labels. 

​Now that you have the labels printed and ready to go. Here is how I've used them in my personal sized planner for my weekly pages. Writing in my events and appointments on these colored labels makes it visually stand out and adds a pop of color!  

Here is another example in my monthly pages, using the labels with no fill. In this planner, I used the labels for color coding. I used the color Orange for birthdays, so you can clearly see that there are a lot of birthdays coming up. I used the color Purple for any of my events/ appointments, Blue for my husband, and Pink for my children.

I used the color Green for anything financial related such as bills and pay days. Planner stamps from Sweet Stamp Shop are great because they are just the right size to fit into these labels.

I hope I have given you some great ideas on how to use Avery labels with your planner and give it a try. Please let me know in the comments if you loving using Avery products as much as I do! Also, check out Avery on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more information their great products. 



  1. Hi! I think this is a GREAT idea! I love your functional layout with just a little bit of cuteness :) Will definitely try this-I hope it's as easy as it sounds!

    1. Hi Kelly. Thanks for your feedback. I would recommend running a test sheet before printing out a bunch just to make sure the alignment is good. I had to make a few adjustments to get it centered just right. Let me know how it turns out! Have fun.

  2. What a great idea! I will be using these stickers in the future. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fantastic idea....definitely going to try this. Your weekly pages look great. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks so much, this is awesome

  5. I always love looking at your planner decoration pics, Jennifer! The leaves are an especially cute detail <3 So glad you're active on Instagram these days!


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