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Here are my most frequently asked questions and answers:

1. What is the stamp you use?
Please refer to the Links tab

2. What do you do with inserts/ pages after they are done?
I keep them for reference. I store them in an ArtBin Super Semi Satchel. I also store them in other organisers I am not currently using.  

3.What ink do you use to stamp?
I like to use Chalk and Pigment Inks. Please refer to this blog post:

4. Does stamping cause bleed through?
It depends what ink you decide to use. When I stamp, there is hardly any bleed through the pages. Please refer to this blog post:

5. What type of inserts to you use?
I am using the Filofax Week on Two Pages - Cotton Cream – Personal sized. 

6. I use sticky flags, but they don’t stick very well. How do you make yours stay?
I reinforce them with adhesive tape runner.  I use this: Tombow Removable Adhesive Tape Runner
There are many different brands. Almost anyone will work.  

7. What pens do you use and where do you buy them?
I love using FriXion erasable pens. I purchase most of my pens from JetPens

8. What is that purple multi-pen you are using?
Pilot FriXion Ball 3 Color Gel Ink Multi-Pen in Gradation Violet purchased from JetPens.
I swaped the colors with 0.38mm FriXion Refills.
*Please refer to this video:

9. Where can I buy those transparent stickers?
Daiso – Check the website for a store near you.

10. Where do you get your washi tapes from:
Michael’s Craft Stores, , and

11. What are those tabs you use on the top of your pages? 

12. Where do you get your paper clips from?  
I buy them at local scrapbooking/ craft stores.  Also, from JetPens. Most of them were given to me as gifts.

13. What hole punch do you use for your planner? 

Rapesco Adjustable Diary Punch 66-P and KW-Trio:
Please watch my compaison video here.

14. What paper trimmer do you use in your videos?
Fiskars Personal Paper Trimmer

15. Do you work for Filofax?
No, I do not. Most of my organisers were either purchased by me, won as giveaways, or sent to me from Filofax's PR department for review.

**If you have any other questions, please feel free to email them to mypurpleylife [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. Jennifer, I hope you monetize your blog and YouTube. The quality of your posts, photos, and videos is top notch. You should get paid to do these things!

  2. Love your blog!! I second Lori's comments above as well. You rock!

  3. Do you have a post on beginner essentials? I would love to see a list of what I should buy with my first filofax. I'm super excited to get one but i'm a bit overwhelmed seeing peoples finished weekly pages!

  4. Can you do a video on how you print your inserts?

  5. Hi Jennifer, I enjoyed your video on setting up for 2014. I have been using a calendar on my computer for awhile now, but it does not seem adequate. I am trying to find a good balance between digital and handwritten. Do you use any kind of digital calendar (phone or computer) or do you strictly use a Filofax?


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