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My Decorated Pages

Here are my weekly decorated planner pages. 
For more photos please check my flickr page. -->HERE!

Month in Review - January 2015

Month in Review - January 2014
Month in Review - February 2014  
Month in Review - March 2014 
Month in Review - April 2014
Month in Review - May 2014
Month in Review - June & July 2014 
Month in Review - August 2014
Month in Review - September 2014
Month in Review - October 2014 
Month in Review - November 2014 
Month in Review - December 2014

Below are some photos from when I first started to decorate my Filofax pages in 2012 and how it has evolved to what it is now! 

For tutorials on how I decorate my pages please visit my YouTube Channel: MyPurpleyLife


  1. Love your decorating on each week. I wish that mine would look so nice. :-) My stamp bleeds through and don't like that at all. :(

  2. Just curious, how do you have room to still write what you need to do???

  3. I love your blog and youtube videos. I would like to have the homemade stickers. Where can I look?


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