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My Story

My Filofax Story 

I am a 29 year old wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. As a child, I always had a love for arts and crafts. I loved stationery, stickers, paper, pens and markers. I also kept many notebooks filled with doodling and journaling. 

As I grew my own family, I started scrapbooking and making crafts. With many things going on with life, I knew I needed something to keep track of it all. I tried using other planners, but they just did not seem to work for me. I eventually stopped scrapbooking and making crafts because I simply could not keep up with all the demands of raising a family and having a full time job.  

In May 2012, I was trying to research how to organize my wallet, credit cards, and gift cards. It was then that I came across Filofax. So, I began my search about the brand and my first Filofax personal organiser which was a Pocket Damson Adelphi. I was ecstatic to find one in my favorite colour, purple. Six months later, I had owned seven Filofax personal organisers. Now, my collection has grown to over 18 of them. But what would make someone want to have so many? I love the ability to have variety. Filofax definitely has plenty of variety when it comes to colour, size, material type and styles. I have the ability to switch into another style when I feel the need for something different. 

Using a planner has now become a reflection of our creative selves. We can use personal organisers with any aspect of our lives, personal, work, school, business, home management and journaling. You have the ability to personalize and customise it to your needs. It has evolved from being an appointment tracker and a long list of to-dos into paper than can be decorated with stickers, washi tape, different colour pens, different types of pens and stamps to make it more pleasing to the eye. I cannot help but smile when I see my Filofax because I know I have taken the time to create it into something motivational yet very useful. It has helped me boost my spirits instead of looking at a chaotic week ahead. It makes using a planner fun! 

I knew that I had to share my ideas with the world. Thus, I started a blog and a YouTube channel, known as ‘My Purpley Life’. I found that by showing everyone how I decorate my pages and how I use my organiser, I gave inspiration to others who had long forgotten about their organisers and have now been able to bring them back to life. I inspired others to use their organiser in a creative yet functional and effective manner. This is what I have found to help me be more organised and still allow me to keep my creative juices flowing. Now, I don’t know how I could ever live without my Filofax personal organiser. 


  1. Hi Jennifer! I just wanted to say I love love love your utube channel. I especially love the pen review! I am a long time pen addict. I love the high tech c colleto! I can't afford one right now but I WILL have one lol. Keep up the great work girl!


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